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Welcome to the San Antonio Fatherhood Campaign website, it is our hope and mission to encourage you on your journey of Fatherhood. We know the role a parent plays in the life of their child is a vital one so we have created a website to help motivate our dads to “be involved” and “stay involved” through their child’s life. The role of FATHERHOOD is a milestone in the lives of children and many of the lessons that a child will learn are a reflection of the time parents dedicate to them.

The San Antonio Fatherhood Campaign is an American Indians In Texas At The Spanish Colonial Mission initiative (AitScm.org).

Welcome, New Members

All, both men and women are welcome to take part in our program. For new members, we would like to schedule a one hour meeting on either Tuesday or Wednesday from 8am – 1pm. To schedule this, please TXT 210-617-3554 with your name, date and time you would like to meet. You will need to take part in this visit prior to receiving any our services.

Office business hours are Monday – Friday 8am to 2:30pm. These hours are subject to change, for non-scheduled visits please call or TXT 210-617-3554 before visiting.

TXT 210-617-3554 To schedule an appointment.


Our Approach
The San Antonio Fatherhood Campaign facilitates the delivery of a broad network of services for disconnected fathers who want to improve their capacity to provide financial and social supports for their children. Activities also assist father’s in overcoming obstacles and barriers that may prohibit them from being the most effective and nurturing parents possible. Read more...
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